Slip on Posing Shoes

Slip on Posing Shoes

We have a great selection of Slip on Posing Shoes for Competitions. Girls will usually prefer to opt for Slip on Clear Competition shoes because they feel that it defines the Calf Muscles better than Posing Shoes with Ankle Straps, which tend to make the leg appear shorter.

Slip on Posing Competition Shoes usually have a Clear Lucite Upper and due to the type of Material it will mould to the foot shape of the wearer. Once the foot shape has been formed the shoes will feel comfortable and they will not slip off the foot. Posing Comp Slip on Shoes are the number one preferred choice for Competing in Competitions.

Best Selling Slip On Posing Comp Shoes

Our Best Selling Posing Comp Shoes are GALA-01 as they have a slim Elegant and Sophisticated 4 1/2 Inch heel and because they have no Platforms they are approved for almost all Federations. FLAIR-401, Poise-501 and LIP-101 are also a very popular choice of Slip on Posing Shoes but Due to the Platform Height on the LIP-101 They are unfortunately not approved for all federations.

All of the Slip on Posing Competition Sandals have a nice Soft Cushion Insole which provides great comfort to the wearer.

If you are not familiar with Wearing High Heels then we would suggest that you Buy Posing Shoes well ahead of the Competition and Practice Practice Practice! By the time your Show comes around you will be Super Confident Posing on Stage.