Competition Shoes with Bling

Posing Shoes with Bling

We have a great selection of Posing Shoes with Sparkle for Competitions. Girls often Opt For Posing Shoes with extra Bling to try and create that Wow factor and give that extra Wow Factor on Stage when Competing.

We understand How Important it is to seek out a Pair of Award Winning Posing Competition Heels with Bling! We no Longer provide Custom made Posing Shoes therefore cannot take any Custom Orders but Due to the Large volume of Heels that we sell, We also found that customers were unable to return Custom made shoes as the Sales were Final returns cannot be accepted on Shoes that have been Custom made.

As a Solution to this matter we have worked extremely hard to source Posing Shoes already manufactured and Encrusted with Bling Details. Bling Competition Shoes are available to buy on our Website.

Most Posing Competition Shoes tend to have a have a Clear Lucite Upper and may feel slightly uncomfortable when you first slip your foot into the shoes. You will be Delighted to know that Due to the nature of the Clear Lucite Material they will easily soften and will mould to the foot shape of the wearer after a few wears, Girls can Speed up this process by gently heating the uppers with a hairdryer for a few seconds prior to placing the foot into the Shoes. Once the foot shape has been formed then the shoes will feel more comfortable and easy to wear, Perfect just Show Shoe me your Gorgeous Bling Competition Shoes.

Best Selling Posing Comp Heels with Bling

Our Best Selling Competition Posing Shoes with Bling and Rhinestones are LIP-108DM as they have Heels and Platforms which are completely Covered in Diamantes and Bling whilst also having Ankle Straps. FLAIR-408DM is also a very popular choice of Bling Shoes due to the sheer volume of tiny individual Bling Diamonds all over the Heels and Platforms.

Diamante Posing Comp Heels

All of the Posing Shoes Pleaser Fabulicious Competition Sandals have a nice Soft Cushion Insole which provides great comfort to the person Wearing the Shoes, The Bling Posing Competition Shoes are also worn by Strippers for Proms, Cocktail Parties, Pole dancing or Celebrities on the Red Carpet.

Glass Crystals are Amazing on your Clear Posing Shoes as it creates that extra Bling Wow Factor.

If you are not familiar with Wearing High Heels then we would suggest that you Buy Posing Shoes well ahead of the Competition and Practice Practice Practice! By the time your Show comes around you will be Super Confident Posing on Stage, Usually Girls will buy Plain Clear posing shoes without any Bling Decoration to practice in and once they have perfected the posing they will then purchase a new pair for the Event.